Published April, 2011

Praise for THE MIGHTY T:

“Everett Powers did a great job penning this story. Grant Starr has the makings of the next great book hero.”

— A.T. Russell, Author of Ascension (New Alpha Rising)

“. . . a rollercoaster ride of catch-me-if-you-can!”

— Danny C. Hill, Author

“The writing here is superb, Powers brings the action and he brings it hard. There are no slow parts to this story. Every page forces you to turn to the next. The characters are fully developed, especially the character of Mindy, one of the terrorists who has a taste for sharp knives and rough sex, often at the same time.

“The characters in this book are unforgettable and fully engaging, and the writing is clean and crisp. Powers is a writer to watch, you'll be hearing more of him I have no doubt. I am eagerly awaiting the next installment of the Grant Starr series. If you enjoy thrillers then you should get your copy of ‘The Mighty T.’ You'll be glad you spent some time with this extraordinary writer.”

— Jason Hall, Author of The Ghosts of Little Rock: Tales of the City's Most Haunted Places

“Everett Powers has written a thriller full of page-turning suspense. This is detective writing at its best. From the start of the book to the finish, ‘The Mighty T’ is impossible to put down.”

— Glenn Cantrell

“Okay, I admit it. I actually had a dream about this thriller. The Mighty T by Everett Powers is a well-plotted and written indie book. His characters—stars, average Joes, and dumb asses—are real and given their appropriate due. The dialogue is tight. And Powers keeps upping the ante on the level to which an eco-terrorist will go to get what he wants. While I found the ensemble cast a bit difficult to keep straight at the start, the story and characters straighten out quick enough once Detective Grant Starr starts dominating the page. The story is analogous to a real investigation. It starts with a measure of confusion that ultimately gets clarity. The villain is thought-provokingly delusional and bad to the bone. The secondary villain is a bit more difficult to fathom, but that’s okay. She's a throw-back hottie with an edge.

“... The last 140 pages flew by—that’s great, because I stayed up to two a.m. to finish reading it. I love when that happens....

“There is a lot to like here, and I’m tempted to read Powers’s next book, Canals. Despite some minor flaws, this is a great read for a thriller lover and a really good read for the rest of us. ... any book that makes me dream about it before I'm finished with it gets extra points. The minor flaws keep it from being a total knockout, but it still slides under the wire into the ‘5’ camp of books that deliver and deserve to be read. Well done. Read it.”

— Rick Bylina, Author

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