Monday, December 10, 2012

Enthusiastic 5 Stars for CANALS

I found this review on Goodreads, a site I don't visit often enough. I won't leave the name of the reviewer but you can check out CANALS on Goodreads here and see who wrote it.
Most modern authors make me break my five page rule. I prefer to find myself attached to a novel within those first five precious pages. I find myself having to break this rule-often- just to keep reading alive. Powers well captivated me within the first five and only sucked me into his story deeper with each turning page. 
This is a darker novel and with that, I find his mastery of words worthy of wanting more from his twisted and brilliant imagination. 
This is a perfect example of what literature should be. A full five stars.
Hey wait a minute! "Twisted"? Still, it's nice when something you do is appreciated. By strangers.

It's not all kisses and hugs though:
Horror and sci-fi are NOT my favorite genres, so I'm probably not the best critic. This was way too gory for me, I ended up skipping over huge sections of the story. I was like yeah, yeah, blood and guts, human suffering, gore, gore. I get it. This monster is evil. 
He is a good writer, though, even if I didn't like the content.
It's true, there is a lot of blood and guts and suffering. Okay, and some gore.

And boy is that monster evil!

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