Friday, January 25, 2013

My Books Are Available Almost Everywhere Now

Just a quick post to say I've taken my ebooks out of Amazon's Select program and made them available for purchase on Barnes & Nobel's site and on Smashwords. I'll write a more detailed post next week on why, but the short version is my sales had flat lined on Amazon. And I got a little tired of their heavy-handed tactics. Like deleting reviews.

The paperback versions of all three novels are still available, of course, and are printed on-demand by Amazon's Createspace company. I have to say I'm not thrilled with the quality I'm seeing from Creatspace. It's not that it's bad, it's just that it hasn't been good, either. The colors of the cover seem washed out and the quality of the printing isn't top notch. Sigh... Something to work on later.

I'll be working on the blog soon, too, to make it easier to buy the ebooks from the different sources. For now, I'd recommend people who want the paperback to get it from Amazon, if they're Amazon shoppers. Not everyone is, you know. That way you can get free shipping if you buy two, or all three, of my novels. :)

See you again next week.

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